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Bloom Cannabis is a premier Portland dispensary serving the recreational and medical cannabis markets.

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Proudly Owned and Operated

by an Oregon Family.

We’re committed to providing the finest quality cannabis and cannabis products in the state of Oregon.

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Recreational and Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Portland, Oregon

Located in the Eliot neighborhood in Northeast Portland. Directly across from the Nike Factory Outlet on NE MLK Jr. Blvd.

Bloom Cannabis | Portland Dispensary

Welcome Oregon Medical Marijuana Patients (OMMP)!

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From Leafly

This was by far the best experience that my caregiver and myself have had at a dispensary. When you walk in you can see all of the hard work and dedication they have put in to this place. The ladies will make you feel right at home with their knowledge and compassion for making sure you get the right medicine. Top notch flowers and great people! Our new regular go-to! The new Bloom! Go check-em out!

From Leafly

This place is the finest dispensary in town! I would never go anywhere else after this visit.

And what a cute name! Bloom is the blueprint for future establishments.

From Leafly

The staff is knowledgable, funny, & super foxy. fer real. the pre-roll i got was terrific. modest selection of QUALITY flower. and they’re just four blocks from home. come check this place OUT! i love their emblem. peace.