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8 Best Cob LED Grow Light (2023 Reviews)

Most conventional LED grows lights don’t produce enough lumen and PAR to effectively help your plants grow.

You need the best Cob LED grow light to improve lumen density, greater focused light, and lower heat. Apart from giving your plants a more uniform spectrum, Cob beads help focus the energy on the canopy to improve penetration and expedite the growth cycle.

The choice of Cob LED grow light, however, is huge on the market, and not every indoor grower knows what to look for.

So, in our top eight selections, we have considered all the important features you would want a Cob LED grow light to have.

Top Pick

Holland Star X6 Cob LED Grow Light is our top pick. This high-performance fixture is the perfect replacement for 800-watt MH or HPS grow light. It delivers a full spectrum and high PAR output for boosting growth and yields.

The Best Cob LED Grow Lights Are:

Holland Star X6 Cob LED Grow Light

Do you want your plants to double in size and increase yields in less than two weeks? Consider buying this great model from Holland Star.

Key Features

  • 3rd generation Cob technology
  • Rich full-spectrum
  • Thickened board
  • Highly energy-efficient
  • Daisy chain feature

Holland Star X6 Cob LED Grow Light features third-generation Cob and LED chips, which provide a brighter sunlike spectrum. The spectrum includes white, blue, UV, IR, and red lights, which collectively provide your indoor plants with what they need.

You’ve got two switches at the back of the unit, Veg and Bloom switches. When in the seedling and growing stage, turn on the Veg switch for about sixteen hours, keeping the unit 32 inches from the canopy. When in the flowering or blooming phase, turn on the Bloom switch for around twelve hours, keeping the light at 20 to 22 inches from the canopy.

It comes with a complete cooling system made up of multiple heat sinks for superior airflow and three high-speed fans cooling. You’ve also got the daisy chain connection for linking up to three grow light fixtures.


  • Produces a brighter full-spectrum light
  • The strong cooling system maintains optimum temperatures
  • Veg and Bloom switches for independent light control
  • Extended hanging holes allow for easy and quick set up
  • Comes with a digital thermometer


  • Could be easier to set up with a slightly longer power cord


What a great Cob LED light this is for the money. Its sunlike rich spectrum delivers superior brightness and high PPFD.

Overall Rating: 4.7

iPower 580-Watt Cob LED Grow Light

The secret to this product’s success is combining an optimal blend of Cree Cob and high-quality LEDs to deliver a superior rich spectrum.

Key Features

  • Cree Cob and Cree LEDs
  • Sunlike full-spectrum
  • Six high-speed cooling fans
  • Higher PPFD values
  • Highly energy-efficient

The whole unit contains six pieces of IR, LEDs, four pieces of UV LEDs, five pieces of 3500K LEDs, seven pieces of 12000K LEDs, sixteen pieces of 460nm LEDs, one hundred and six pieces of 630nm LEDs, and six pieces of Cob beads.

iPower 580-Watt Cob LED Grow Light features six Cree Cob beads, which is good because they have superior heat efficiency and lumen-per-watt ratios. This has a lot to do with the innovative design of the Cobs. The Cobs have higher brightness, less light attenuation, smaller thermal resistance, and longer life. They have a unique reflector that enhances PAR output and penetration.

The light features two control switches (Veg and Bloom). When you turn on the Veg switch, all the six pieces of Cob beads will light up. The Veg mode is good for germination and growing. When you turn on the Bloom switch, the LEDs will light up except for the Cob beads. The bloom mode boosts flowering and fruiting. When you turn on both switches, all the beads will light up.

It comes equipped with six high-speed fans for exceptional cooling performance, and an inbuilt aluminum heat sink for added heat dissipation.


  • The Cob technology delivers higher brightness for faster growing
  • Innovative reflector design provides high PAR and penetration
  • Three modes of operation for enhanced performance
  • Six high-speed fans ensure the unit is cool-running
  • The whole grow light is highly energy-efficient


  • Some packages may arrive with damaged parts or damaged accessories

Overall Rating: 4.7

FSGTEK X6 Cob LED Grow Light

This high-performance model will accompany your indoor plants from seedlings to fruits with its superior illumination and PPFD output.

Key Features

  • 6X50W Cob chips
  • Multi-LED chips
  • Three high-speed cooling fans
  • Daisy chain function
  • Highly energy-efficient

FSGTEK X6 Cob LED Grow Light features multiple LED chips that are packaged into a single lighting module that is highly energy-efficient.

This module can work nonstop for about twenty hours in a single day. The fixture produces a full rich spectrum that simulates natural sunlight. The spectrum is made up of white, blue, red, UV, and IR lights.

The heavy-duty construction is equipped with three high-speed fans for superior cooling and multiple heat sinks for improved airflow and heat transfer out of the unit. The unit comes equipped with a daisy chain function and daisy chain cord that allows you to connect up to three fixtures for wider coverage.

To guarantee superior lighting and high PAR values, you are advised to hang the light at about 24 to 31 inches for the seedling phase, around 18 to 24 inches for the growing stage, and around 14 to 18 inches for the flowering phase.


  • Delivers a rich sunlike spectrum for all stages of growth
  • The best replacement for an equivalent MH or HPS lamp
  • The strong cooling system maintains optimum temperatures
  • Easy to connect up to three units with daisy chain function
  • Backed by a three-year warranty and ninety-day money back


  • The light doesn’t come with a dimming function
  • Some of the accessories may arrive damaged


This is a great Cob LED grow light for the money. It is exceptionally bright and has superior heat dissipation.

Overall Rating: 4.6

AGLEX Cob LED Grow Light

If you are looking for a high-performing Cob LED grow light that offers higher PAR values than traditional lamps, then look no further than this great unit from AGLEX.

Key Features

  • Cob and LED chips
  • Red, white, blue, and IR spectrum
  • Fire-proof PC cover and metal frame
  • Supplemental lighting for a 4X4 room
  • Up to 50000 hours lifespan

AGLEX Cob LED Grow Light is fitted with double-chip LEDs and high-intensity Cobs, which are highly energy-efficient and super bright compared to conventional chips.

The high-intensity Cobs deliver super bright light that helps expedite the plants’ growth cycle. The Cob technology achieves this by flooding your plants with PPFD-rich light. At 24 inches high, the grow light can deliver a PPFD output of up to 1475.

This model features two operating switches (for Veg and Bloom). When you turn on the Veg switch, the fixture helps promote germination. When you turn on the Bloom switch, the light boosts flowering and fruiting. You can also turn on both switches during flowering and fruiting to boost yields.

It has one of the best cooling systems in the industry with four high-speed fans and all-around venting. The fans do a great job of dissipating heat, while the vents improve airflow.


  • The advanced Cob technology delivers high PPFD
  • Veg and Bloom Switch improves versatility
  • Delivers superior illumination with a wider coverage area
  • Big fans and excellent heat sinks keep the unit cool
  • The plug and jack connector is user-friendly


  • Some of the diodes may get damaged while using the light


Apart from the minor flaws, which are quite rare with most models, this Cob + LED a fixture is a great option for indoor growers.

Overall Rating: 4.6

Hipargero Cob LED Grow Light

Indoor growing has just gotten better with this incredible Cob LED grow light from Hipargero. It delivers a powerful spectrum that provides your plants with all the needed PAR.

Key Features

  • The actual power of 240 watts
  • Osram LEDs and high-intensity Epiled Cobs
  • Optimal full spectrum
  • High-grade cooling materials
  • Daisy chain function

With a core coverage area of 1.5X1.5, Hipargero Cob LED Grow Light is a great choice for a 2X2 grow tent or room.

The Osram LEDs outperform the conventional Cree LEDs and they deliver brighter and higher PPFD. The Epiled Cob beads have high light efficacy, superior lighting effect, larger cooling area, and outstanding thermal resistance. These Cob beads also have superior heat efficiency and lumen per watt ratio.

The LEDs and Cob beads provide an optimal full-spectrum that contains UV light, red light, blue light, and far-red. The red light suitable for flowering, fruiting, seed germination, bulb development, and root growth. The blue light is essential for encouraging vegetative growth. The UV light enhances the efficiency of metabolism and photosynthesis.

The light has a good cooling system that is made up of one high-speed fan (for heat dissipation), and multiple heat-sinks for superior airflow and added heat dissipation.


  • The optimal full spectrum delivers higher PAR values
  • The Osram LEDs and Epileds Cobs are highly heat-efficient
  • Double switches (Veg and Bloom) are more energy-saving
  • Has a strong and reliable cooling system
  • Daisy chain feature allows you to connect up to three units


  • The coverage area is too small for such an impressive light fixture


Although it has a small footprint and small coverage area, this uniquely designed light delivers the brightest light and high PAR values for the right growing space.

Overall Rating: 4.6

Sunraise SW-3000 Cob LED Grow Light

This unit may appear small in size, but it is incredibly bright and delivers impressive PPFD outputs for the right size of growing space.

Key Features

  • 50-watt Cob beads
  • 15-watt triple-chip LEDs
  • Optical lens technology
  • Separate Veg and Bloom switches
  • Daisy chain function

Sunraise SW-3000 Cob LED Grow Light is a high-performance unit that comes highly recommended for 2X2 and 3X3 growing space.

The light features three fifty-watt Cob beads, which have less attenuation, less thermal resistance, high brightness, and longer lifespan. They deliver an impressive spectrum that is very effective at expediting plant growth. It is equipped with fifteen-watt triple-chip LEDs that deliver incredibly high PAR values. Zener diode technology is integrated into the board to ensure that one damaged LED doesn’t affect the rest.

The fixture is integrated with optical lenses, which is great because they reduce the loss of light by about thirty percent. They help focus more light on the plants to increase PPFD output and canopy penetration.

It delivers outstanding PAR values at different grow light distances. The PAR at 36 inches is 343, at 24 inches is 523, at 18 inches is 711, and at 12 inches is 1236.

What truly impressive is the overall construction of the unit. The three Cob beads are separated by spacious gaps that improve heat dissipation. Each part of the light has one high-speed fan and multiple venting holes to enhance heat dissipation and improve airflow.


  • Produces brighter light and high PAR
  • Strong heat dissipation overall construction
  • Low noise from the fans and long lifespan guaranteed
  • Veg and Bloom switches are available
  • Highly energy-efficient Cob and LED beads


  • The design is not waterproof
  • Some models can come with faulty fans


This uniquely made light is super easy to set up, it delivers a super bright light, and offers great value for the money.

Overall Rating: 4.6

TMLAPY Cob LED Grow Light

This is an awesome light that delivers high PAR values. It outperforms most conventional grow light on the market.

Key Features

  • New Cob technology
  • Rich full-spectrum
  • The actual power is 530 watts
  • Energy-saving design
  • Daisy chain available

TMLAPY Cob LED Grow Light features high-intensity Cob beads, which is great because they have less light attenuation, smaller thermal resistance, higher brightness, as well as longer life. The two-chip LEDs, on the other hand, deliver brighter light, superior energy efficiency, and have reliable heat efficiency.

The light produces a full spectrum with the best ratio of color, including red, pink, Cob 6000K, Cob 3400K, and IR.

This model is suitable for all plant growth stages. For the germination stage, hang the light 32 to 45 inches above the plant. For the growing stage, hang the lamp 30 to 42 inches above the canopy. For the flowering stage, hang the light 28 to 38 inches above the plants. For the fruiting stage, hang the light 28 to 38 inches from the canopy.

The light is equipped with Veg and Bloom switches that can be operated independently for separate Veg and Bloom performance or together for a full spectrum performance. You can use the Veg switch when you want your seeds to germinate or your seedlings to grow bigger. You can use the Bloom switch when your plants are in the flowering phase or fruiting phase. Both switches give the best results during the flowering and fruiting stages.


  • Super high brightness and high PAR values
  • Less light attenuation and thermal resistance
  • Veg and Bloom switches improve versatility and energy saving
  • Daisy chain allows for multiple connections
  • Easy to mount at the top of the grow room with the included hardware


  • Some models may come with a faulty bloom switch


This model offers the best as far as brightness, ease of use, heat output, timer function, higher PAR, and value for money are concerned.

Overall Rating: 4.5

Phlizon Cree Cob 2000-Watt LED Grow Light

This could be the best Cob LED grow light for all your indoor plants. It delivers a brighter full-spectrum and remarkably high PAR values.

Key Features

  • High-intensity Cree Cob beads
  • High actual power
  • Rich full-spectrum
  • Low temperature and energy saving
  • Wide core coverage

Phlizon Cree Cob 2000-Watt LED Grow Light has proven to be one of the best for indoor growing.

Cree Cob is well-known for its remarkable stability and high power. The real power for this amazing grow light fixture is 450 watts and the PPFD is incredibly high.

The unit has premium quality high-speed cooling fans and extra heat sinks, which is great because they balance the operating temperature as well as extend the life of the grow light fixture. The noise level of the four fans rotating is around seventy-five decibels, which means no noise pollution.

The light has two switches, one for the Veg mode and the other for the Bloom mode. The Veg mode is suitable for germination and flowering. The bloom mode, on the other hand, strengthens lighting during flowering and fruiting.

If you are tired of the elevated electricity costs of HPS and MH grow lights, this great model would be the perfect replacement.


  • It provides high stability and power
  • Delivers extremely high PPFD values at different heights
  • The powerful fans maintain optimum temperatures
  • The multiple heat sinks improve airflow
  • The Veg and Bloom switches can be operated independently


  • Some models may come with faulty LEDs


This unit delivers a spectrum that contains all the lights your indoor plants need to thrive. Not to mention that it is cool-running.

Overall Rating: 4.4

Things to Consider When Looking for Cob LED Grow Lights

Here are the most important factors to take into consideration:

Rich Full Spectrum

What makes Cob LED grow lights special is their ability to deliver a super bright full-spectrum and high PAR output. So, make sure the lamp contains all lights your plants need to thrive in each growth stage. Choose a light with the Veg and Bloom modes and each mode should have the appropriate wavelengths.

Efficient Heat Dissipation

You can choose a fixture with an integrated cooling system (made up of high-speed cooling fans and heavy-duty heat sinks). Alternatively, you can consider a model with an independent cooling system. Regardless of what you choose, make sure the lamp can efficiently dissipate heat.

Final Thoughts

For this roundup, the winner is Holland Star X6 Cob LED Grow Light. What makes this light stand out is the third-generation full-spectrum Cob beads. The fixture is extremely bright and the PAR output is exceptionally high. So, you should expect it to do a great job of expediting the growth cycle. It is also very effective at dissipating heat and maintaining optimal temperatures.






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